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I received my copy of your Good Stuff DVD today in the mail and just wanted to let you know how much I liked it, even though I haven't watched all of it. I have almost worn out my copy of Good Stuff on tape, so now I can watch it and play it for my friends all I want. Plus the extra material on the DVD is much appreciated! Thanks and Blue Skies!
Guy Poly, D21296

 just a thought: you should've called it 'great stuff'. dude. i've watched one segment or another every day now. you da man. merry christmas mate.

I'd been avoiding seeing Good Stuff for a long time because I wanted to wait and fully enjoy it on DVD. I was succeeding until very recently when it came on in the bar at the DZ. I couldn't take my eyes off it and ended up seeing a lot of it! No matter, there is as much new footage ("More Stuff") as there is old stuff ("Good Stuff") so there was plenty to enjoy. The Plane Chasing is phenomenal and alone makes it worth it. Just having it on a DVD is a massive step forward, being able to pick and choose the scenes you want to view as well as having the additional things such as the director's commentary, which is incredibly informal and fun. Even the trailers and commercials are cool.

This has to be the most outstanding colletction of skydiving footage and I cannot recommend it enough. Absolutely fantastic.
D11665 FSB5

That DVD is incredible! . . . and you are insane.

Hey Joe
Got my DVD .. GREAT VIDEO!! One comment .. need some CReW on there .. I figured such a hard core video there would be a couple nice wraps!! THanks a bunch .. still a great deal!!

I recieved your DVD last Friday! Excellent! It works on NTSC, like it very much
Thanks a bunch

Just to let you know that my Good Stuff DVD arrived on Saturday and it looks very, very good. I'm amazed it came so quickly, I wasn't expecting for ages. Watching Good Stuff at the dz with your jump buddies has its merits but I realised from watching it at home that you're not really doing it justice unless you're giving it your full attention. Awesome.

One of my favourite two shots is of Patrick in his winguit, when he starts doing those carving turns you really get the sense that he's flying, not just falling. But the best is the shot of Rob Harris skysurfing where Joe's got Rob's left hand and Rob leans over and puts his right hand over the camera. He's looking pretty cool with his shades on, he's smiling and goofing around with Joe and obviously loving every second of it. It's a great image.

Martin Evans of SkyEye once told me, "to be a camera flyer you've got to beas good, if not better, than the people you're filming." I'm not in the business of kissing ass, but Good Stuff was hard proof that great skydiving movies are made by great camera flying.

Good Stuff was a great way to break in my new DVD player...get one have a good x-mas peace
blue/safe ones

I just got Good Stuff!! I love it!!, I have one question, in the Rob Harris skysurfing scene, what is the name of the song that is playing? I like the song alot and i want to download it.
Thankyou and great job on the DVD!!

i want to say that dvd is awesome and a lot of people love it, i just want to say thank you so much and i'm glad to be one of the first to receive it.

Just wanted to let you and your wife know that the DVD arrived and it was really worth waiting for. GREAT movie, Two thumbs up.
Thanks again

i actually just purchased it about an hour ago on your website! i am looking forward to getting my hands on it. it is good to know that there are those out there in the skydiving community working to bring a bit more refinement to visual media production. keep up the good work and whacky ideas! (am looking forward particularly to the 'couch potato' sequence.)

I received the DVD the other day it plays fine on my PAL Panasonic DVD player and JVC TV. Its great realy good quality.
Many thanks

Hi Joe,
I've got the video Good stuff and it rocks ! Am thinking about getting the DVD... but had a question. What's the specs on the sound ? Is it in 5.1 Dolby ? If ya can drop me a line and let me know that would be great ! I tried looking on your website for the sound specs too but did not find them.
Thanks & Blue Skies,
Charlie K

I loved the VHS version and plan on buying the DVD (thnx for the extra stuff) soon. Good Stuff is the video I show whuffos and they love it too.
Thanks and Blue to you,
John Black

I want to say that the Good stuff DVD and tape rule! When I show them to my whuffo friends, they just kind of stare, slack jawed and totally awed. Too cool. Just out of curiosity, what was the music that accompanied the freefly section after the Baffin Island base jump section? Keep up the Good Stuff!
Kevin Grishkot D12524

Hi Joe
I dont know if youll remember me, we met at Elsinore whilst you were filming the AFF with Troy for the Learning Channell show in Nov. I was the English guy who had a brocken leg (done on 11 Nov at Elsinore) Ive been reading in the NG about the Good Stuff DVD which we spoke about in Elsinore. My question is are you planning to distribute it in Europe, UK to be precise? I would love to gethold of a copy as all (well the vast majority) of your fellow Americans are raving about it.
Thanks for your time Joe, I look forward to hearing from you.

As Jaimie Paul would say..."I don't care what they say about me as long as they spell my name correctly." I think pretty much everyone thinks your work rocks.

I have the DVD - it's in the #1 position, full time, on my DVD player. I also have a few dozen skydiving videotapes, everything from World Freefall conventions (official and Zabo), to various records, to my own team tapes (and one from the Knights 8-way (Thank you, Chris Talbert)). If I was going to show skydiving to someone visiting me, it would be this DVD. It's got everything that skydivers and non-skydivers like to watch, and it's indexed nicely into chapters.

I've seen Good Stuff before. I even thought about buying it. The DVD, though, was easy to decide to buy... it's beautiful. was really clever, too!
Jack Cunniff D-17518, and a very satisifed customer

Anyone out there who thinks they can put together a better product should go ahead and try. I'll warn you though, prying the price of a few jumps out of me is a tough sell. After watching a friends' copy of "Good Stuff " I still want my own copy...

Just got my Good Stuff DVD yesterday. After watching it, it is unquestionably underpriced. You may want to buy it before Joe figures that out.

A classic production like this deserves to be viewed on the highest quality media! I'm going to (finally) buy a dvd player so I can see this video (in DVD)!

i find that i am a bit more critical than most because i have done a few productions of my own in the past and i thaought Joe did nothing less than a Great job with Good Stuff. (whew that was long winded) The long lens special effect you where refering to is used to compress things and i thaought it was done to give the viewer a feeling of speed and movement i didn't get the impression that he was trying to fool me and make me think the skydivers where actually lower than they where. But again you know better than any one what you like and don't like. Just my 2 cents
michael mcGowan

Good point. In fact, one of the really cool things about the DVD is that Joe includes a second version of the main production with his v/o commentary, and he clearly talks about the long lens compression. There was never any attempt to "fool" us. I really love the shot because it is something we rarely get to see, and it sure does give a perspective of speed. I didn't buy the original "Good Stuff" but did get the DVD. The extras are a great addition and chapter access makes it review to see just what I want without fussing with fast forward and reverse. I also really liked Joes sit on the sofa commentary.
-tom buchanan

I've received a Good Stuff DVD and it is 'Good Stuff' It plays no problem on my Panasonic DVD player and JVC TV, Its really good quality. Joe sent me a DVD stating that if it worked I paid for it and if it didn't work on my DVD player but did on a friends then I could keep it for free - how's that for customer service . It only took about five days to arrive from the states.

The quality is excellent and there are some really funny clips on it for example two skydivers going out the back of a plane on a complete set of lounge furniture and their actually watching TV !!!!!

Most recent widescreen TV's will accept NSTC and the DVD is region 0 so it should be no problem, my Panasonic DVD ( not a top of the range one) and JVC windescreen TV play it no problem. It might not be to everyone's taste but I think Its brilliant but that's just my opinion.
Nice one Joe, excellent service.

Joe's video rocks!!

Hey Joe! I bought the DVD too just because I'm on there in the 246-way Good Stuff. I'm a pilot. Of course it's all about ME! And of course I'm not in an airplane right now so the engines aren't whining. There's not enough of ME on there! Ok, when the engines aren't whining the pilots are. :D

I love the DVD man. At least this is something that I can show my parents without fear of swearing or topless chicks. It captures the enthusiasm of skydiving and shows the positive Good Stuff going on in the sport. But of course, you already knew that.
Chris Schindler

I have a copy of both VHS and DVD, and thanks for doing it I wish some of the other filmmakers would follow suit. Great, well-rounded show. I was wondering where the location is of the awesome footage of you and Patrick falling below the tops of the it near Locarno, Switzerland? Take it easy,

OK, I saw this video once last year. It took me at least 5 seconds to figure out that the jumpers weren't low ('cause I'm slow). It took me another 10 seconds to start feeling motion sickness. Other than that, I loved the video - and wanted a copy but didn't get around to buying one - yadda yadda. But now its winter and I'm not jumpin' so much. DVD huh? I'll look for it next weekend when I'm up to the DZ for a repack.

Joe - I hope to jump with you some day.

Had the Good Stuff VHS, when DVD came out ordered that one too. Went right to my top 2 DVD list - even only the Other Stuff -part was worth the money. Especially the catching planes part was interesting because I have read the articles on that one and seen some of the stills last year. BTW someone did quite good a job on spotting the living room jump....

Thanks for providing this DVD to us Joe! Also the service was very good, I ordered it here from Finland, Europe and I was informed that there might be problems with the NTSC version on some of the DVD players. (of course the modded one I have works on NTSC/PAL and because the DVD is region 0 then even the region restrictions do not apply to this DVD).

BTW, does anyone know any other skydiving DVD's than Good Stuff and Dive In!? VSH quality sucks.

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