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lightening fast delivery!! Just got the DVD last night!! Very nice to see digital quality skydive video... The footage of Omar, Steve & Greg flying into the second plane is freakin amazing!!!! Thanks again for the great service and amazing product!

seeing those at the pinnacle of the sport is indeed inspiring. that first viewing, it was just chills, up and down the spine... very emotional. hey, and some of your commentary was hilarious, particularly when you were describing the satisfaction of tossing a car out the back of a skyvan! "pure satisfaction... it's art..." and it is. i relish those as yourself who understand that there is an intangible value to an audacious expression of the internal through magnificent outward endeavors... (boy, that was an interesting sentence!) but yeah, and the rob harris stuff was beautiful. i will check out more about him as you mentioned on the commentary.

the dvd does a wonderful job of expressing the freedom of skydiving. you have some great sound design at the end of the flyboyz sequence where there is a bit of a flange and one of them is saying something (voice over) along the lines of: 'we are living kid dreams... when you are a kid, you dream of flying...' but yeah, a wonderful moment. i mean, i am an emotional guy for sure, but some of the stuff in there... just beautiful, and i was on the verge of tears. the whole thing is... you know... whuffos... whatever anyone thinks... there in moving images... you did a great job of expressing why it is worth it. even beyond that, there is a physical manifestation,

there on the tv screen... a paean to the meaning of skydiving; the meaning of life. hey man, it got me all philosophical! good work! keep it up! blues my friend!
kevin e lange

G'Day from Downunder Joe! Good to see that Good Stuff is out on DVD - and it's been fun watching the "debate" rage on Rec.skydive. Do you know if your DVD will be coming out in PAL, or will it only be NTSC? I've just replaced the TV and DVD that moved out with my ex, and I dont know if they'll play NTSC. I love my good stuff vid, and would love the DVD
Cheers Joe,
Craig Trimble

I just plain loved the story of you and Rob Harris getting together and competing. I dabbled with skysurf 5 years ago, and when I was just starting to get the hang of it a guy still on student status came over one day, and asked what he needed to do for me to teach him how to surf - it was the reason he'd started jumping. Over the next few months as Rob qualified for his licences we got together occasionally and he worked on some freestyle moves to get ready for the board. He built himself a beginners board (what a brick - it weighed a ton!), and couldn't wait to jump it. Finally on new years day he cranked out his hundreth jump, and his first skysurf. Within a couple of weekends on the board he was doing moves on my inter board that I couldnt get near. I ran out and got a digital camera (my trusty PC10), and we teamed up. Four years and a thousand plus jumps together later we've been to a couple of world meets, trained away every $$$ we been able to afford, spent countless hours in the shed making boards, suits, camera helmets, mounts, and generally having a great time. I really related to the storys of you and Rob Harris as wide eyed boys at competition - I'll never forget jump run Round one of the world meet... Hopefully one day we'll taste the sort of success you guys did, but we've already been lucky just to have been there and done what so few people (even other jumpers) experience. A little team of two taking on the world can be lots of work, and an incredible amount of fun, and it was great to read the sort of fun you guys had. Vale Rob. Anyway, enough rambling, off to my day job, gotta pay for this weekends jumping ;)
Cheers Mate,

Some people even had the Balls to knock Mother Teresa, she was the greatest humanitarian of our time. Joe, you have inpired many people in our sport ( including me) and still continue to amaze us today. You & your work, Rock! So when do we see "Good Stuff" II ? carl

... I imagine Joe in a nuns outfit right now.....MUUAAAAHHHAAAAA Besides that....couldn't care less who filmed this "Good Stuff".... if Mother Teresa or some arrogant dude ...... it's just AWESOME good stuff. Dude...now I need a Dell ... with a DVD player..... keep it up Joe!
blues @nne

To me it looks as if not only the video is "good stuff"...the arrogant dude is good stuff too!

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