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Wow, I actually say down and watched "More Stuff" last night, the bonus portion on the Good Stuff DVD and some of the 'stuff' on there is as good as the original movie. The plane chasers block is amazing with the 3 guys actually managing to get back in the porter.

In the Good Stuff video there is a slow motion scene shot from the ground. You see a beat-up car impacting the ground, dust billowing up, a bird flying away and then what appears to be a skydiver,belly to earth, in slow motion falling to the ground. I saw or heard no mention of this in the video or credits. Was it just debris? Was this a skydiver plunging to his death? I am not 'in the loop', so I'd really like to know. I love this video, but find that scene disturbing. No biggie, but it sticks in my head enough to write this e-mail. Please...even a simple yes or no (skydiver bouncing?) would be great.

Thanks, Jim Ingraham, novice skydiver (34 jumps) and hooked for life!

I enjoyed the rest of the film, the odd bits of footage i've seen before but most of it was new and fun to watch. Some of the skysurfing footage looked real close. I bet you've had the odd bit of contact with a spinning board? The rigless jumps?? I've seen the posters which show a definite harness inside the jumpsuit but that footage looked real. Was there any sort of harness system connecting the jumper to the rig? The only bit i got a bit bored with was the cars section. Cool to watch especially the making of it bits but after the first load of cars it all looked the same. On the other hand an excellent point about the rest of the footage was that as well as a mixture of disciplines the film did not stay focussed on one area for too long. Most videos i get a bit bored watching 60Mins of Freeflying or Formation jumps but i enjoyed the flow of stuff in Good Stuff.

Thank you for your attention, and I've already received your dvd and it's amazing. If you have news products, please send me an e-mail.
Andre Sousa

I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed Good Stuff on DVD. I had never seen it before I ordered and I am very happy with it. What I really enjoyed was the Gyrocam footage of Greg Gasson flying his canopy after that crazy no rig jump. It appears that he is just floating around under canopy; looks awesome. I also enjoyed the commentary you put on it although you shouldn't do commentary after the beer light has come on. I'm just joking man. Good stuff is definatly good stuff to watch. I've brought to everyone of my friends house that has a DVD player and even my whuffo friends liked it. Cheers Joe, on a great skydiving movie.
Chris Biard

Hello, Joe:
DVD came yesterday (Wow--lightning fast shipping) and I rushed home to watch it. I'm so glad I made this purchase. Good Stuff and More Good Stuff are exactly what I was hoping to see--2 full hours of outstanding skydivers professionally photographed. I was totally amazed at the great Imax footage you got--the camera looked bulky, awkward and heavy, but the shots were terrific. Great work! Top-notch editing, superb photography and a bouncy soundtrack make this my favorite DVD purchase yet.

I especially appreciated the bonus footage, such as the TV commercials with a skydiving theme. The mini-documentary of the making of the Argentinian Ford commercial was a great bonus.

Thanks for producing a stunning film. I'm eagerly awaiting your next project. Please add me to your mailing list. I can see why you're one of the most highly regarded skydiving filmakers around.

Wish list for Good Stuff II: Can we get a few more shots from the door, showing the skydivers dropping from sight? I find this a very visually exciting shot.

Feel free to use my comments any way you like--I heartily endorse your product.

Blue Skies!
Rick Harmon

Thank you for producing such a terrific film. I wish you the very best. I'm sure eBay will sell at least a few of these for you--I've bought a couple of other skydiving films there, but none came even close to yours in quality. I'm looking forward to watching it again on a larger monitor. If you ever jump at SkyDance in Davis, CA, please say hello.

HeY Joe! Just like to thank you for the movie Good Stuff It's amazing. I just started skydiving last summer and i'm hook. Oh ya i just saw Wild California last week and the Shot with Troy was amazing. Almost tought i was there :-)How Heavy is tha IMAX Gear BTW? Keep up the good work.

Any way just tough i'd let you know.
"Curiosity is the base of knowledge, Knowledge is the base of Freedom"

-Yo Joe!Cool beans, was watching the video and its awesome! Checked out the DVD again today, awesome stuff! It's amazing how much footage you can cram on there, this things loaded! I've seen it a bunch of times and I don't even think I've seen it all! Very nice indeed,
Thanks for the memories!

Caution!-DVD is the shit when used with FLying- Handle with care!---------------------------True Da't

You know that footage of Rob is really awesome, your fortunate to have been able to capture those moments, and good to have captured the dynamics as good as you did.
Once again thanks for the memories

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the VHS of Good Stuff. That was really great of you. As for the DVD...too cool. The commentary reminded me of the Bruce Jones surf films. I really got a kick out of your commercial portfolio at the end of the disk. You should put a "making of" segment at the end of all your productions...and don't forget the bloopers. No one ever gets to see how many takes it requires to make a skydive production. The "public" sees 3 1/2 minutes of freefall on Point Break and assume we have all day up there...go figure.
Thanks again,
Blue Skies
chuck bennett

First I want to say the Good Stuff DVD rules!!! Keep up that good, good stuff. Next I have a quick question: how did you rig the camera to be up in the A lines of the canopy? That was an unbelievably cool shot, I'd like to know how it was done. I'm assuming that it was sent up post deployment, right? Also, what's next from you? I'm starting to jones for some more good stuff.

Hi Joe
I have received a huge response to my email to the SA listserve regarding the DVD offer. I have received 28 requests. Please let me know if this is too many. Two of those are requests for VHS (PAL) versions of the video. I was not sure. I look forward to hearing from you.
Alex Jordaan

Lisa and JoeThanks so much for your help in feeding my addiction! I received my copy of Good Stuff on DVD today -- and you got it to me just the way I asked. The woman I spoke to on the phone (was it "Elisa"? I know it wasn't Lisa -- but I didn't write her name down when she told it me) was a pleasure to do business with - thank YOU - and of course, the video is awesome! Now when I'm not "up", I can almost get there watching Joe's work.

I'm a skydiving television news producer (and past senior ENG videotape editor)with a critical eye, so I have a fine appreciation of the combination of skills Joe demonstrates in both production technique and flying ability. Jumping with the some the best skydivers in the world must be fantastic. It would sure be an honour to fly with you if you ever get to Victoria, BC, Joe!

Anyway, thanks again! "Good Stuff on DVD" ROCKS!!!