Over Deland, FloridaJp3.JPG (7698 bytes)


Job4.JPG (7055 bytes)      Troy and Omar Gyron2.JPG (7969 bytes)       Ventura Blvd. Job1.JPG (6347 bytes)                Rob and me

Pat1.JPG (10568 bytes)
       Over Chamonix, France

Pat13.JPG (5417 bytes)
       Patrick De Gayardon
over Elsinore
             The skysurf images of Patrick and Rob and me were taken by Brian Rogers, Norman Kent, and Richard Stewart.  We shot the wing suit image and  Troy and Omar from a   helicopter.   What I like about this perspective is the interaction between the jumpers and the ground.

   Jennings, Freefall Cinematography, skydiving stunts, aerial camera platforms, aerial stunt coordination, parachutes, airplanes, skydivers, jumpers, aerial.