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hy. stunt coordination,Cham2.JPG (12178 bytes)

Baf11.JPG (7341 bytes)Ski Tow
Car4.JPG (5071 bytes) 
Car #1 gets torched for launch


Car2.JPG (9281 bytes)
Not Dan BC's favorite moment
  Jack Jefferys and Kirk Verner
Car1.JPG (9278 bytes)                 at 8,000'

Skyball at sunset over Ball2.JPG (13269 bytes)

The black convertable Honda, Car #4, flew beautifully out the door of the skyvan and rocked gently through the air, wheels to earth, for around 6,000 feet.   The rocking intensified a bit and then suddenly the backflipped tossing everyone out.  Dan BC and Jack Jefferies hit the windshield, Jack with his arm, and Dan with his nose.  Cars don't give much warning.  This car, flown by Airspeed, was about our finest flying car until it tumbled.