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George Bush psyched at jumprun


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9,000'   >>>

Golf1.JPG (12574 bytes)     Greg3.JPG (9615 bytes) Freefall cinematography in 35mm with video assist.  skydiving stunts and coordination of airplanes, skydivers, locations, and   
Greg and Scott deal with
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fall rate

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Jim Wallace - 1st Pizza Flyer

Jim Wallace flew the first pizza in a series of flying pizza commercials that became a big part of my work.  My dad and his brothers (my uncles) came up with the idea together over a beer and asked me if I could pull it off for Imo's Pizza, a franchise in Missouri of which they owned four stores.  We did it, and took a nice photo in the process that made the cover of Pizza Today Magazine.  Orders poured in from around the world and we jumped pizzas for about the next two years.