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Plunger climb for Levis...

Dave Barlia
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Mt. Asgard, Arctic Circle

Baff3.jpg (5153 bytes)Patrick De Gayardon lands on Glacier



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George Bush in flight      

For the Levis commercial, we jumped over downtown Los Angeles to get the point of view of the jeans and sneakers over the city, and for a shot of a parachutist landing next to a "Levis wide open" sign.   Jumpers were me, Jim Wallace, and Harry O'Connor.  One of the cool things about this project was that Propaganda / Michael Bay Productions arranged to close a couple blocks of Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles.   For our jumps, we were taken to altitude in a Jet Ranger helicopter.  Gliding between the skyscrapers was a blast.  People inside the buildings were pinned against the glass waving to us.  There was some turbulance, but conditions were otherwise about perfect.