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GOD Bless the Men and Women who fight for our freedom 

and give me the freedom to work & live out my dreams ,

working in the business that I love so much. GOD BLESS AMERICA!.


I would like to start my  dedication  page
with the man fully responsible 
for my life and for my
dreams of Flying. 

My Dad, Anthony Nespoli.  

I remember the days growing up when my father would to take me to Kennedy Airport to watch the airplanes  take off; It was truly an exciting time for us.. I must have been 5 or 6 years old. 
A proud son with his dad. Watching these tremendous metal birds fly was so inspiring.
The roar of the engines was amazing. He promised me that one-day I would be on one
of those planes. When I turned 15 He kept his promise and sent me to Florida. 
My dad was a simple man. He worked as a long shoreman on the docks in New York 
He was a hard worker.  He loved his family.  He didn't verbalize his feelings
He showed his love in other ways.  My dad was my hero. I looked up to him. 
He was big and strong. Yet he was a soft-spoken man.  
My buddies would say that my dad was a great guy. He was also a generous man.. .
He wasn't prejudice towards people, , He loved everyone..
Unfortunately, that gave some people the chance to take advantage of him. 
I witnessed that on a few occasions. I would see the disappointment in his eyes. He warned me how cruel people can be.

At age 23 I decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue an acting / stunt career. He was very sad.  He missed me very much. Mom told me that he would sit in his room and cry.
He knew that I was happy living in California. He would record me on different TV shows. 
I would send him pictures of myself with different celebrities.
He would bring the photos to work and show his friends. He was proud.
When I took up skydiving he was excited but worried for my safety. 
I will never forget that time my father said he admired me because I had the balls 
to go for my dreams and how I never let anything stop me. 
That was undoubtedly the proudest moment in my life. I received approval from my dad.
That was priceless to me!

On Feb 10th 1994 the worst day of my life without doubt. New York suffered the worst snowstorm in recent history. My brother’s car would not start for some unknown reason.  My dad tried to help me get the car out of the snow. I asked him to stop pushing the car. to the mechanic around the corner.  He was determined to help me get back to Los Angeles on time.. 4 minutes before his death, I saw my dad was watching me from a distance,  I turned away to speak to the mechanic and then I heard the emergency sirens. I knew something terrible had happened. In a panic, I ran to my parent’s house only to find my mother over my dad's body crying, asking him not to leave us. My dad suffered a massive heart attack and died. A part of me died as well. I felt lost. My hero was gone.
My dad taught me another lesson in life. That lesson was that life is too short! Enjoy every second of it.
And to live while you can! 
I also learned to live your life to the fullest and to appreciate your parents when they are still alive. He always told us to respect them when they are living and not when they are gone.

When I went back to the mechanic's garage the next day to pick up my brothers car. The mechanic told me there was nothing wrong with the car, it was fine. I guess it was God's way of keeping home in New York to be with my family. Yes, the Lord works in mysterious ways for sure.

Today, I  work as an aerial stuntman. I have jumped from thousands of planes, helicopters, hot air balloons, I driven cars out of planes, watched television on a falling living room set, rode bikes, boogie boards, sky surfing, falling bathrooms, played poker in free fall  for commercials, TV shows, movies & world records, plus I  get to work with the world's best skydivers. This has been a dream come true, thanks to the inspiration from my father whom I feel is with me on every single jump.
Thank you Anthony Nespoli for being
my  dad, my inspiration, and my hero!


I'd like to also thank my dad's brother, Uncle Patty Nespoli. 

As a young boy, my Uncle Patty would let me drive the golf carts all around the Brooklyn docks, across from the  New York sky line. He would always give me a $5.00 bill.  Uncle Patty was a tough son of a gun, no one messed with him. he was well respected too. he also had a gentle side to him as well.  Like every young boy, I had my share of troubled times.  Running with the wrong crowd, I manage to get myself into trouble. Using drugs, counterfeit credit cards and being  falsely  accused of "ratting out" some people, It was my Uncle Patty who stepped in and defended me and my family's name.  He made sure that I was properly punished for the things I did do and NOT punished for someone else's wrong doing. I owe him love & life too. He was a great man. I was proud to have had called him Uncle Patty.

To her friends she’s was known as Kay, to us she was simply  “Mom”.

Everyone claims to have had the best Mom. And for the most part they may be right. I am definitely one of those people. How do you thank the women who not only gave you life but  carried you for nine months, changed hundreds of your diapers, loved & nurtured you all throughout your life? I find that more challenging than any other stunt I have done.  My mom was a gift sent from GOD. She never knew had to say “no” to us.  Mom wanted everything for her kids and she always found a way to give us everything. Mom has a gift and that gift is love, always having it, and always showing it.  Not just to her family but  to everyone she comes in contact with.   We were raised in a predominately white neighborhood. In grade school, I  remember my mom inviting my two black buddies Tracy Wright and Albert Hamilton for lunch, knowing that my friends were not as fortunate to have their parents prepare a warm lunch for them. Mom made them feel special. After preparing lunch for us, she kissed & hugged us all before sending us back to school. She was never prejudice and she demanded we'd be the same. She taught us to respect other people, and to help those less fortunate than us.  My mom had two deaf sisters whom she looked after as a young girl. Aunt Jenny & Aunt Josie. My mom wore a hearing aid, worried about me getting teased at school, she would take out and hide her hearing aid when she would pick me up. I remember walking in to my friends kitchen and hearing his mother and her friends making fun of my Mom for her hearing loss and imitating the way she speaks sign language to her sisters. I still remember the sadness I felt. 

My mom was being mocked on for  no reason. I couldn't understand that. I felt bad that I didn't defend her back then. I just pretended to not understand what they were talking about. Mom had a good heart, and a forgiving one too. Now looking back, I see the love and sacrifices my mother made for us. My buddies love my mom. She is warm, sincere, kind, caring, and thoughtful.  She possesses all the qualities to make a son or daughter proud to call her their mom. I was a wild child. I put my mom through some tough times. Times I wish I could erase. But I guess that is what “growing up” is all about. But through all those times, she never stopped being the loving mother. Like the song say's " I'll always love my Momma, she's my favorite girl, I'll always love my Momma, she brought me into this world". God truly blessed us giving us two wonderful parents.  She'll  always say  “For You? ………and I always  answer, ….Anything! (still to this day).

 In 2008, during the Memorial day weekend, Mom was rushed to the emergency room for respiratory problems. Three weeks later she had made a remarkable recovery and was excited to come home to us. However the hospital staff misdiagnosed her situation and caused internal bleeding which resulted in  the loss of vital organs and them having to  amputate her leg. She was hooked up to more machines then I cared to count. Her prognosis for returning to any type of normal life was doubtful.

On June 30, 2008. just 2 hours before her 80 Birthday, a nurse broke hospital code, risked her job and laid everything on the line for me. She brought me to the realization that an error was made and now they were just buying time. I should contact my siblings and do what is best for our mom. I found myself making the most difficult decision a son would ever had to make. My Mom was suffering with no signs of making any type of recovery. I was put in a position  to assist my Mom's wishes and releasing her from this world. Ending the life of someone who gave you life and loved us so much was..........heart wrenching!  

But I knew it was what she wanted.  Once again, a piece of my heart was tragically taken. We as a family had a choice to be angry at the hospital and towards the hospital staff as well. We believe that everyone who came to Moms aid had nothing but the best intentions for her, and adored her just as much as we did. She successfully won the hearts of everyone who came in contact with her. We know the nurse who may have made that error has enough to live with, we do not hold her accountable  for our Mom's death. Instead, we  are now comforted knowing that our Mom is with the Lord and our Dad watching over us.

  I will always love you Mom, with all my heart!


                                             I'd like to  thank the other two important people in my life.

My  brother  Louis and my sister Amelia who always seem to remind me of their love.  My brother Louis  for being one of the greatest brother a guy could have. I will always be his  little brother.  He was never  jealous of me and he is very supportive in my career. He respects me and  is very proud. He tries to give me the best advice. He never picked on me when we were kids. He's very protected of me. He was a great baseball player, in fact he won many trophies for his talent. He was well liked back then & still is.  Everyone called Louie a great guy. My brother doesn't have a mean bone in him. Like my parents, he is very kind, friendly and a good person to be around. He has a big heart.

My sister Amelia  always tried to protect me. Growing up in Brooklyn N.Y. my sister was a tough girl. No one messed with Amy! She was tough, but very much a Lady too.  I was her little brother. Back then she made sure that  the girls I dated treated me with respect. She always had my back!. I can always count on my sister. No matter what time, what place, she will always be there for me. That's a fact.   My sister would do anything for me. She  would never say no to me , that's not her style. When I was 13 years old, I foolishly scaled the outside of an apartment building 3 story high. My sister frantically climbed up after me to safely get me down. She is very proud of me, and let's me know that everyday. She too means the world to me. When I visit NY, it is very tough seeing her eyes build up with tears when it comes time to return to LA. She misses me, but she realizes that my life in here in Los Angeles.   Although we live miles apart,  We keep in contact on a daily basis. I'm happy about that.    I know  the both of them  are very concern for my safety and well-being. They worry when I do my work.   They give me their love and support in whatever  decisions I make in life.   Along with my parents, my nieces and nephews, they too are my  biggest fans. 

God has  blessed me with all these wonderful people. I truly feel lucky & blessed.


I dedicate  my love to my littlest fans, my nieces & nephews. John, Kristin, Louis, Nicholas & Briana, who constantly remind me that I am loved. Without these wonderful kids my life would not be complete. I've learned that no matter how tough my career gets and how lonely my life can get, I am the luckiest guy alive to have them in my life. My sister in-law's dad Al Ciccone would say that he was the wealthiest guy alive with the love he received from his family.  I now understand what he meant by that, because I truly feel the same. In these tough times I lean on my family a lot. They never let me down.  I thank God everyday for blessing me with them.

I’ve known him as “cousin Bobby”, (his real name is Anthony) his mom is Aunt Betty (her real name is Maria).  No! they are not part of the Soprano family,...( It’s a New York thing.) I remember the day when I found out that he really wasn’t my cousin, just the son of a close family friend. I was really sad.                We are one month apart in age. He’s always been a part of my life. He moved to Long Island N.Y.            Our family remained close throughout the years. I was closer to him than any other blood relative.

I knew I was destined to become a stunt coordinator, because I convinced Bobby to let me push him down a flight of stairs ( 32 to be exact ) “backwards” at age 5.  To this day, he has never held that against me.  He never ratted on me neither!    After that, it was jumping roof to roof.   He is more than a “close family friend” he’s like a brother to me.  Through the years we’ve always kept in touch. In fact, he made me  Godfather to his son Vincent, carbon copy of the both of us.  In life  there are not too many people you can count on. Bobby Figaro is definitely someone I know I can count on anytime, any place, anywhere!   Bobby is a great businessman, and a generous one too. He gave me an opportunity to share in the profit of the business he started, and become his partner, with no investment, no contract, and no expectations. Just based on the simple fact that I was Bobby’s right hand man..( It’s an Italian thing…)  Having this partnership has allowed me to be follow my dreams, and support myself at the same time.  It is Bobby that I owe my deepest appreciation  for helping me live my dream.

Thanx Cuz!  



To my brother in-law Firefighter Tommy Cann

The best way to describe Tommy Cann is to call him an  original or genuine. We often hear the expression "he'll give you the shirt off of his back", well Tommy Cann would!  Tommy is one of a kind! He has a tremendous heart. He enjoys making people happy. That's what satisfies Tommy. He too was one of the firefighters at ground zero. He lost many of his firefighting brothers. Tragically his parents passed on shortly after that. Tommy had seen so much in his career as a fire fighter & privately.. But you would never know it by his personality. He has amazing inner strength and confidence. You can always count on Tommy. He is well respected within the fire community and amongst his friends & family. Tommy is golden!  He takes care of my sister, he loves her very much! My mom adores him and he adores my mom. Tommy loves to eat. When you are in New York, you have to go to Don Pepe's Italian restaurant for the best Italian food. He'll treat you like family! Forget ever paying for anything when you are with Tommy, You'll loose!  Tommy loves to make people laugh. He also does an amazing impersonation of the legendary Marlon Brando..  and there is nothing that Tommy wouldn't do to accomplish that. Acting crazy is what Tommy does best. He's a riot!  We love Tommy. We're very thankful he is a part of our family. I'm proud to say Tommy Cann is my brother in-law. You Rock Tommy!

Walter Rooney

Sometimes tragedy can have a positive outcome. The sudden death of my buddy Johnny proved just that.  I've gotten the opportunity to meet one person who has become more than just a friend to me. In fact, he is like a second father to me.    That man is Walter Rooney.   He was introduced to me as “Red”, which
was his nickname as a younger man. I call him that until this day. Walter Rooney  has one sister, Mary, a nun, and one brother, Jimmy, a retired Chicago cop.  He lost his parents at an early age and wound up being raised in an orphanage in New York.  He went to Tappan Zee High School in New York where he was an accomplished athlete and played football.   

To earn money to support himself, it was during this time that Walter  became a professional prizefighter, fighting as a welterweight (147 pounds).  He was trained by Cus D'Amato (who trained Mike Tyson) and was in the same stable as former heavyweight champion, Floyd Patterson.  

Walt compiled a professional record I believe, of 33-2.  He lost to the same guy twice on decisions.  Red still gets fire in his eyes when you ask him about him, 'the son-of-a-bitch was a great boxer but wouldn't stand still and fight!'

His mother persuaded him to join the Air Force together and get married (something Cus never forgave Walt’s wife for, Cus said women ruined more good fighters than anybody else! )

Walt got his start in electronics in the Air Force and had two sons.  I got the opportunity to meet both of his sons, Ricky and Ronnie, they are two solid  guys like their dad.  Walter worked for Farrand Controls as their Aerospace Marketing Manager for about 20 years and is now retired. He now spends his time living his life
like there’s no tomorrow, he is an excellent skier, and has also crashed the Academy awards with me. Red has a heart of gold.  He is also concerned for my well being, constantly asking me if I need anything. he is a true friend, and a great man. On June 2, 2007 My buddy Red lost his toughest battle with Cancer.

I love him and miss him dearly..

Thanks Red. Thank you for treating me like one of your sons.


To the volunteer staff of Children's Hospital Los Angeles 

I get to live out a childhood fantasy and run around like a fool in a Spider-Man costume for  a few hours a month. But these  special people donate all of their spare time helping sick little children. To Albert Garcia & his 2 sisters who are there everyday making sure that these children are entertained & occupied during the stressful time they spend in the hospital. I have been told that Albert hasn't had a vacation in 3 years. To Nick who has been in Children's hospital for over 19years, had so many surgeries & now has decided to be a full time volunteer. They do their job because they care. To all of these wonderful people in the office getting donations from various groups to donate toys for the children. I get to play a superhero, seeing some of  the children hooked up to so many monitors, and seeing the sadness on their little faces breaks my heart and makes it difficult to fight back the tears. I'm glad they can't see my face though the mask. I remember there was one boy who wanted desperately to meet spider-man. I was escorted to his room, the nurse carried him to the door, because the monitor would not allow him to go any further, He looked so tired and so sad. He managed to give me a little smile and a hug. I will never forget his face.  The children's response to Spider-Man is truly magical, It is those times that I really wish I was a super hero, but all of the staff workers are the real Superhero's in my book. Their work is nothing short of heroic, yet they are dressed in ordinary clothes.


To my South African buddy & brother, Tyrone Dean. He is not only an exceptionally talented actor, But he has a genuine heart and a sincere appreciation for life, his family, his friends, and everyone he comes in contact with. He has touched everyone's lives here in Los Angeles while visiting here from his Country.  His gift is kindness, and he shares that with everyone he meets I will miss him dearly & hope for his return soon to the U.S. Be Safe my brother


   My last dedication is dedicated to my littlest buddy Squatch.
who back in 1989, when I was homeless sleeping at LAX for 10 days, He was with me.
When I slept in my car on those rainy nights, he was with me.  We spent 14 years together.
He traveled with me everywhere, even to New York. I would even take him to the beach.
He was an attention getter, all the girls would flock around him, and he’d let me share  in that attention too. Squatch wasn't just an ordinary cat, he was the coolest cat!   I remember when I lost my dad and returned back to Los Angeles. I was still mourning his loss.    I was upstairs  crying and Squatch came  to me meowing and licking my face as if to say  "hey dude, it's okay, let it out" . I would shave him like a lion. It was so funny seeing him lie on his back and raise him legs so I wouldn’t miss a spot. He had attitude. but as he got older, his organs began to fail him. I was giving him injections daily. He would look into my eyes with such sadness. I had to make a decision to "put him down" which was heartbreaking. I realized
that I was being selfish. He wasn't living a happy life. He was suffering to keep me happy.
On that cold, rainy, December day, I took him to the vet.  He knew something was going on. He looked at me with trust in his eyes. He came into my arms to  comfort me.
He knew  I had no other choice. And as that last injection was administered to him,
Squatch looked up at me and fell into my arms. My heart was  broken again.
It was at that time that I had lost another part of me. The loss was equivalent to the loss of  my dad. 
I never realized how much of an impact animals can have on our life.

My buddy Squatch had a tremendous impact on  my life.


It is amazing how some of us go through life thinking that we know it all! Or that we can handle it all! Until we are in a situation where the outcome doesn't look so good, then and only then do we cry out for help. I was that person. It was also amazing the first name I called out to help me when I was plummeting towards earth at 125miles mph because I couldn't find my ripcord. My life was spared that day. Although skydiving has been proven to be a safe sport, pursuing an aerial stunt career has it's challenges and dangers. There were 3 other incidents where I thought once again I was a goner!  Again, I walked away. I do not consider myself to be a daredevil, fearless, or just plain lucky. I truly feel that my strong love and growing faith in JESUS has not only spared my life, but also my family's life on November 12th, 2001. When American Airlines flight 587 crashed landed less than  40 yards from sister's house in Rockaway , New York.  My mom was the closet living survivor from where the plane impacted. 265 people died in that tragic accident, and 6 family houses were lost that day. My mom, sister, niece, nephew  were all home that day and they all walked away unharmed. Although we all feel horrible for the families who lost their loved ones, we all feel blessed as well. I do not proclaim to be the a perfect Christian, surely I need a lot of work, But I would not go through life, never mind pursue a stunt career confidently if I didn't have strong faith in JESUS.

From an early age I decided that stunts were going to be my life one way or another. I wanted nothing else but to be a stuntman and I planned to stick with it the rest of my life. Knowing the dangers & the odds of actually making a living as a stuntman were slim to none, I decided to go for it anyway. When you decide to pursue a stunt career you immediately know that your journey will be a long and painful journey, not only physical but mental as well. Leaving my friends and family in New York was very difficult. Also financial stability does not exist either. However, if you are good, talented and know the right people, you are on the right track. Working side by side with actors and stunt coordinators who inspired me as a young boy is truly an incredible feeling. Seeing my name on the script, knowing that there are literally thousands of other stunt guys who would love to be in my position, makes me realize how  fortunate I am  to be given this opportunity. The worst part of my work is that I don't work enough. I would work 24 hours a day if it was up to me. Going for my dream required a lot of sacrificing. But I am doing what I have always dreamt of doing, working in Hollywood as a stuntman. I feel blessed to have that opportunity. Internally I am very wealthy!

Before every stunt the nerves start up immediately. My heart rate goes up. The adrenalin starts to pump, then the stunt coordinator asks if I am ready, I answer yes! confidently! The assistant director calls "rolling" and the camera starts to roll,  Then the director yells "action"  it's on!  All eyes are on me! Like every trained stunt person, you just "kick it in to overdrive" and get down to business. Ironically after every stunt I seem to ask myself the same question over & over…. why do I do this stuff??  Then I realize the answer immediately, because I am a stuntman and I love it!!